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"We cannot build our future without helping others to build theirs"


GLOBAL LEARNING FOUNDATION (GLF) community service projects make a difference for children, families and communities in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and the Yasawa Islands(Fiji).

GLF projects in Cambodia are established and completed in conjunction with local organisations and directly with the local village leaders to provide the resources, facilities and programs most needed. Projects are generally completed over 5 days and provide students with a wonderful opportunity to connect to the children, family and community in which they are living. On completion of the project there is a celebration and handover ceremony recognising the contribution of the students and their school community. 

The GLF projects in Cambodia provide housing, resources such as cooking utensils, clothing, farming tools, facilities such as kindergartens, primary school classrooms, school libraries, playground equipment, teaching and learning tools such as computers, classroom supplies and English and Mathematics teaching programs. 

GLF Projects also provide support in agricultural programs, developing eco farms and providing water storage facilities for orphanages and villages.


Did You Know?: 
Did You Know Content: 
  • Cambodia’s population is 15 million 
  • 80% are living in rural areas 
  • 50% of the population live on $2.00 a day or less 
  • More than 40% do not have access to safe drinking water
Make A Difference: 
Make A Difference Content: 

Children, families, communities in Cambodia are caught in the poverty cycle; they are trapped by where they are born, where they live and a lack of opportunity to be educated. You can make a difference as an individual and school community to break the poverty cycle, change one child, one family, one community and build a better future for everyone!

How do i get involved?

The Global Learning Foundation believes that we cannot build our future without helping others to build theirs. The GLF as a registered charity providing desperately needed resources and funds for community service projects in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Yasawa Islands (Fiji) and Panama South America. 

How can you get involved in an GLF Project?

You can make a difference; contact us today to find out more about getting involved with your school. Please complete your details and message below and submit the form.  A GLF representative will contact you soon about making a difference!